Fit Flow

Featuring a vigorous and creative sequence of flowing yoga poses, this class will improve endurance, strength, and flexibility. This sweaty flow will move fast while requiring precise control over body and breath. Recommended for students with yoga experience and a strong foundation in basic yoga poses.

Open Flow

A flowing yoga class with a moderate intensity, that is open to all levels. This class will build heat in the body by warming up with traditional sun-salutations, moving into basic standing and balancing postures, and finishing with deep stretches. The class will provide a balanced practice of strength and flexibility, and will offer props and modifications so that the class is suitable for all levels.

Gentle Flow

A slow, restful, and calming class that integrates deep breathing, gentle flowing movements, and passive and supported stretches. This class will offer some yoga flow basics, but will emphasize relaxing and restorative poses. This is a perfect for those who prefer a softer approach to yoga and looking to add a little calm into their day. Also appropriate for beginners and those working with injury or limited mobility.

Stretch Flow

This class is designed to help all athletes (runners, cyclists, strength trainers, etc.) improve their flexibility, balance, joint mobility, and breath awareness. Yoga props are used to release tight muscles and to assist in deepening the poses. Stretch Flow helps athletes bring balance to their bodies, minimizing their risk of injury, and restoring tight and overused muscles. This class is the perfect complement to any athletic training, however classifying oneself as an athlete is not required, this yoga is for anyone looking to get more mobile and supple.

Teen Flow

Teen flow classes empower students to be agents of positive change in their own lives and in the world. These yoga classes help teens build confidence, strength, patience and compassion, while affirming their value, worth, and awesomeness. Teen classes also foster a supportive community among peers. This sequence encourages non-judgement as teens explore what props and modifications feel best for their body in each pose. Suitable for all levels


Iyengar yoga was developed by B.K.S. Iyengar. He modernized and redefined ancient yoga teachings into a system that speaks to our western minds and to our contemporary life. Timing, sequencing and alignment are the three major components of this system. This method develops one’s intelligence, awareness, health and spirituality. Suitable for all levels.

Soul Flow

A medium intensity flow designed to meet you right where you are at – all levels welcome. Based on the principles of Ayurveda (considered the sister science of Yoga), classes are tailored to align with the rhythms of nature. Offering a playful mix of asana, pranayama and meditation to create balance and sense of ease, on and off the mat. 

Fit In at The Fit Yoga…

Come practice with us.  Reserve your spot online before class.  We have a limited number of mats available for use.  Bring a water bottle, we have filtered water.  Parking is available behind the building, in the public lot next to the Monroe Street Library, or on nearby streets.

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