Ladies! We want you to feel strong and confident. A sore back, leaking during jumping rope or even while laughing and sneezing, and having a lower belly pooch – these are not things you HAVE to learn to deal with and accept because you had a baby or because you are getting older. No way! These ARE all signs that your core and or pelvic floor could be doing more for you. These are ALL things that can be improved. And, the good news is that it does not take months and months of rigorous exercise. In fact, it usually just takes about 2 months of the RIGHT exercises. Rebecca has a background and expertise in training women and women who have had babies. She has a certification in post-partum core restoration and is experienced in training and helping women who experience urinary incontinence (leaking), pelvic organ prolapse, back pain, and diastasis recti as well as women who are looking for safe entry back into working out after being away from the gym for a while.

Rebecca has created the ReaL Strong program to help women become better connected with the movement of their body to feel strong and to prevent injury. ReaL Strong is an 8-week program that starts with training foundational breath patterns, strengthening and mobilizing the hips, and addressing posture weaknesses. All of these together make you feel stronger and more confident.