Jeff is a former strength and conditioning coach for Northwestern University and the University of Colorado football teams. Jeff has trained with some of the best coaches in the industry.  Jeff has always been a leader in developing programs that make his athletes faster, stronger and better AND injury-free. The Fit offers an innovative approach to training – build a solid athletic foundation and train the fundamentals of power and speed to help each athlete get the gains they are looking for.  Online athlete-specific programs are available to make it easy for your young athlete to train when it fits their schedule. These programs change every 4-6 weeks so workouts remain effective month after month.

In Person Small Group

Start healthy fitness habits early. High schoolers train in person with a personal trainer. The kids gain strength, fitness, and confidence while training in groups of 5 or less. Programs are not sport specific and are intended more for general fitness.

Online Programs

Get training programs designed by a professional coach delivered to your child’s phone every 4 weeks. These are progressive workouts aimed at making gains and progress over time. Programs are not sport specific and can benefit every athlete.

Sport Specific Specialty Programs

Specialty programs are available at various times during the year based on availability in ball handling, throwing, speed enhancement and more.