Jeff Liggon is a former strength and conditioning coach for Northwestern University and the University of Colorado. Jeff has always been in a leader in developing programs that make his athletes faster, stronger and better AND injury-free. The Fit offers an innovative approach to training – build a solid athletic foundation and train the fundamentals of power and speed to help each athlete get the gains they are looking for. Unlike other facilities, young athletes at The Fit are coached from the moment they enter the facility to the moment they leave. Every group is led by a coach through proper stretching and warm-up and then taken through the entire program by a trained coach.

Fit FUNdamentals is a physical education and athletic development program designed for kids to have fun, improve coordination and athleticism as well as overall fitness. This program is for the developing young athlete. The goal of the program is to develop all-around athletic skills such as coordination, balance, relative strength, mobility, and have fun. This program is for kids ages 9-11.

Fit to Train is an introduction to strength and conditioning for young athletes. This program teaches the fundamentals of using the weight room, introduces the athletes to power and agility training, and begins to lay the framework for maintaining a healthy training routine throughout their athletic years. This program is for kids at least 12 years old.